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Complete Rotax 2 stroke engine repair and overhauls.

Rotax 2 and 4 stroke engine service.

2 stroke,  912 and 914 gearbox and carburetor inspections

Electronic carburetor synchronization.

Complete Rotax 2 and 4 stroke engine troubleshooting.
150 Hour Inspection

Rotax recommends that you replace the crank shaft seals on all their two stroke engines at 150
hours. This service includes complete disassembly, cleaning & inspection of all parts, de-carb, mic
all tolerances, test all circuits and reassemble with new seals and gaskets.  Depending on findings,
additional parts may be required.  Allot can be determined about how your engine has been
running and insures it continues to do so with this Rotax recommended inspection!  Logbook
endorsements and findings report provided for your records.

Be confident and know it was done right !
300 Hour Overhaul

Rotax recommends that their two stroke engines get overhauled every 300 hours or five years, whichever
comes first. This  overhaul includes complete disassembly, cleaning, inspection, mic all tolerances, test all
circuits, cylinder honing and reassembly with all new seals, gaskets, crank shaft, pistons, rings and wrist
pins and wrist pin bearings. The 447 and 503  include a new fan belt and bearings. The 582 overhaul includes
a rotary valve shaft, shaft gear and bearings. A ZERO TIME overhaul must have all new internal rotating parts.
Logbook endorsements and findings report provided for your records.

Be confident and know it was done right !

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Rotax 503
Rotax 447
Rotax 582
Other Services
Decarbon Engine 447, 503 & 582  

Engine break-in, 447, /503 & 582

Bing carburetor rebuild

Mikuni fuel pump rebuild

Cylinder Boring and Honing  
Preliminary disassembly, cleaning and inspection. For the type “B” gearbox it includes replacement of
the disk springs and center gasket. For the type “C” and “E” gearbox it includes just the center gasket.
We also provide propeller shaft removal, die penetrate inspections and any bearing replacement.
Gearbox Service
Engine Removal
and Installation
Services Provided
The key to reduced operating expenses, and remaining safe,
is to replace all worn parts
before failure!
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Carb Repair

Carb Tuning

Engine Break-In

Engine Tune-up
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We buy high time provisional, original factory 447's, 503's and 582's,
running or not as well as gear boxes.  Ask about our engine trade in program.
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When getting quotes for an "engine overhaul",  be sure to ask about the details. Really, the only way to zero time a two
stroke engine is to replace all internal rotating parts. Anything else is simply a 150 hour inspection with replacement of
any worn parts. Don't get fooled by this common misunderstanding.